Zack Exley

Yours for the revolution.

Nice to meet you!

Don't know what brought you here, but since you aksed, here's a little bit about me: I just got off the Bernie Sanders campaign where I was honored to work alongside thousands of amazing grassroots leaders who made miracles happen. Now I'm joining some of them to launch Brand New Congress, a campaign to replace pretty much the entire corrupt U.S. Congress with a slate of honest and visionary working people. BNC is a volunteer-led organization, and I participate as a part time volunteer. In my day job, I help organizations, campaigns and businesses fundraise, organize and make their users happier. If you think I might be able to help you or your organization, please get in touch here:

I'd love to help you

I'm good at a few things: If you have millions of visitors to your website or donors on your email list, I can work with you to dramatically increase the number of donations and actions your people take through rapid A/B testing, user research and a fun creative process. If you are undertaking a software development project, I can help you make sure it's successful. (Or talk you or your boss out of doing it before you waste millions of dollars.) If you are a cause or charity, I can help you organize your supporters into highly effective teams working to achieve your mission. And if you work on a remote team that's been having productivity problems, I can help you work in a new and better way.

Other stuff I think about

I love reading history and economics, and studying religion. I've spent a lot of time studying how countries that were very poor became prosperous, and have spent a lot of time thinking about how America can learn from those cases (including our own story!) to rebuild our economy and get 50 million Americans out of poverty and into great jobs.

If you're looking for something else

If you're a reporter or looking for me for some other reason, just email Apologies in advance if I can't get back to you, but if we answered all our email, it's all we would all day, right?